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Dental Fillings

dental-fillings-img-2At Grand Canal Dental Clinic we offer the latest technology in nano and nano-hybrid composites fillings.

Nano and nano-hybrid composites fillings are used in a variety of applications including, basic restorative fillings, restoration of broken and cracked front teeth and smile make overs.

Nano hybrid composites can sometimes be an excellent and more cost effective alternative option to a crown or veneer. They can be polished to a high-gloss finish that will be retained for many years ensuring optimum aesthetics closely resembling natural teeth.

When are fillings needed and what does a filling involve?

Fillings are needed when there is decay or a cavity found in a tooth. It is vital to treat this decay as soon as it is detected to prevent further spread of disease to the tooth nerve.

dental-fillings-img-1The tooth is first cleaned out to remove any diseased tissue. A dental restorative material is then used to replace this loss of tooth surface re-establishing normal tooth shape and function.

Fillings can also be used to replace tooth structure if lost in a traumatic incident (breaking/chipping a tooth) or in certain cases where the natural tooth has become worn down.

In modern practice there are two main types of dental filling:


1. A white filling (composite)
This is the most popular today for a number of reasons. Aside from the aesthetic advantages over silver (amalgam) counterparts, they also have excellent strength and longevity characteristics.

2. Amalgam fillings (silver metal)
These are also used in practice, however the popularity of this material has diminished over recent years. It is nonetheless still an excellent option in certain circumstances.

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