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Tooth Grinding

Tooth Grinding is a very common occurrence. Most people will probably grind and clench their teeth from time to time.

tooth-grinding-img-1Usually tooth grinding does not cause harm however, if it occurs on a regular basis it can damage your teeth and cause other oral health complications.

As tooth grinding usually happens at night many people are unaware of it, however it can be picked up in your dental examination. Symptoms can include excessive wear and tear on the teeth, jaw tenderness, or clicking in your jaw joint (TMJ).

Tooth grinding can be as a result of missing or crooked teeth, sleep disorders or stress and anxiety.

Why should tooth grinding be treated?

If tooth grinding is persistent it can damage your teeth and in chronic cases result in the fracturing or loosening of teeth.

It can also affect your jaw and even change the appearance of your mouth and face.

How can Tooth Grinding be treated?



If you are grinding your teeth the dental surgeon will recommend a mouth guard – a bite guard.

This will be custom night shield that will be made for you.

It will protect your teeth and prevent you from grinding your teeth.

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